Media Training

In our world of constant communication, instant 24 hour news, and print and digital branding taking over the way we interact with just about everyone and everything, getting you’re impactful messages across is becoming an immense task.

The question is: how do you get an edge over the competition?


Social media training course for Business Owners

When was the last time you invested in yourself, truly invested in you?

There is no time like NOW to remove excuses, cultivate your focus, and take serious action to bring your best self forward not only to your current work environment, but to the world!

Media training with Drivers Seat Media is the key to create your highest career goals. 

With media training you learn to harness the power of influence. Everything we do, our smallest movements and gestures says something about who we are. When all eyes are on you, do you know how to pull people in? Very few people are natural born speakers. At Drivers Seat Media, our clients learn to brand themselves, their products, and their company. This is your time to shine! Drivers Seat Media hands you the tools to craft a solid future.

Social Media Training

As the world keeps evolving, social media sites are utilized more every year....

Ready to find out more?

Social Media training in Texas

What will you gain?

Once properly trained, trainees can expect to develop a greater public awareness, achieve success, improve their status, create and nurture a higher profile, and accomplish short and long term goals.

Journalists are always looking for new experts that bring more than the facts to the table. Media outlets are looking for highly effective, engaging communicators. Once they find that in you and/or your employee(s), they will return time and time again for expert commentary.

Join Us!

For the past 15 years, Barbara Terry has made over 2000 media appearances. She has also trained and facilitated top professional athletes, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriters, NASCAR drivers, business professionals, authors, SWAT and police officers, military personnel, and spokespeople in reaching their target audiences on television, radio, in print through newspapers and magazines, and on hundreds of online outlets.

When seeking training you want someone who has not only trained, but has stood on both sides of the camera.