Becoming a well-rounded speaker can be a game changer, and here’s how:

Make people take notice

Most people are terrified of speaking live, whether it be on television, radio, or on stage. But with the proper training anything is possible! During our training you will be taught how to use your words, inflection, body language and facial expressions to deliver a powerful message/branding. Once you develop interview skills, you will find being featured one of the most powerful forms of marketing and PR for your business/self.

Controlling an interview

A common misconception is that the person asking the questions is in control of the interview. That couldn’t be the furthest from the truth. You are in control. Media training teaches you how to maintain your composure throughout the interview and create the outcome you desire.

Develop responses to difficult questions

Even though you are in control doesn’t mean you can control what questions are asked, especially live. Sometimes journalist ask difficult to answer questions or are seeking to put the interviewee on the spot. Media training hones in on challenging situations and questions. If you are prepared for the unexpected, no one can sway you from your message. Confidence builds positive outcomes.

The art of Key Messages

Once we have defined your objectives, taught confidence in live and unexpected situations, delivering clear and concise messages becomes key. Delivering a key message should always be focused on the individual audience you are speaking to, be original, to the point, and focuses on the educational or purposeful benefits of your message and/or product. Without media training your message could be dilated and lacking impact. With training, you learn to get your point across and stay strong in your delivery.

Avoid the after interview pitfall

Once the interview is over, the likelihood of being misquoted is exceptionally high. So high in fact this factor alone sways many from getting started. With a clear and concise message, effective communication, and confidence we work to eliminate the age-old pitfall of misquotation.

Employee Training

We train your employees to deliver better presentations, deliver better speeches and how to engage other employees, clients, customers and an audience.

Next steps...

There is no time like NOW to remove excuses, cultivate your focus, and take serious action to bring your best self forward not only to your current work environment, but to the world!