Meet the Team

With over 180 years of professional and media experience combined, please meet the dream team!

Barbara Terry

America's Favorite Auto Expert, Spokesperson, Author, Racer, Columnist, Host, Media Expert and Publisher.

Kristin Sollenne

Zagat named top NYC Chef, Nutritionist, Author, Host and Lifestyle Guru.

Anthony Tata

Soldier, bestselling author, Fox News, CNN, and One America News Network national security expert Brigadier General (U.S. Army, Retired) and is recognized as one of the nation's most respected voices in foreign policy and public service.

Jon Dwoskin

Everyone’s favorite Executive advisor, business coach, problem solver, new idea guy, strategizer, author, speaker and business builder.

Roger Canaff

Legal Expert, Child Protection and Special Victims Advocate; Author, Commentator and Public Speaker.

Phillip D. Cortez, MCM

Author, Organizational Communications/PR/Marketing Pro, Journalist, News Junkie, Gym Rat.

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